To have very high presence of specific characteristics as entrepreneurial personality

Payne et al., 2009 [50]

To focus on specific aspects

Schwarzkopf et al., 2010 [51]

· Her vision

· Her ability to execute and take risk

To have good ideas

Schwarzkopf et al., 2010

· Her ideas are fit my own (of the venture capital) way of doing business and also good

To do things she does simply make sense

Curtis et al., 2010

To show how she thinks in business

Discua et al., 2013

To be able to create a business out of nothing and make it successful

Discua et al., 2013

To make evident a sustainability of the business

Nguyen and Rose, 2009

Capable experience: To demonstrate relevant work and/or training experience [4] [14] (15 articles)

To develop best practice presentations

Bergh et al., 2011 [52]

To evidence expertise

Bergh et al., 2011

To possess professional identity

Altinay et al., 2014

To expose training experience

Maxwell and Lévesque, 2014 [14]

· She has seen the action in real life and how is developed the language with her team members

Discua et al., 2013; Kelly and Hay, 2003 [53]

To demonstrate experience

Bergh et al., 2011 Scarbrough et al., 2013; Discua et al., 2013;

· Experience in business, new ventures and team experience

· To indicate successfully exiting previous investment(s)

Kelly and Hay, 2003 [53]

· The number of employees is closely related to trustworthiness, accurate self-assessment, achievement orientation, and conflict management

Rhee and White, 2007 [54]

· To be a private entrepreneur before

· To be very successful in the past

Curtis et al., 2010

· To carry out previous acts and achievements

Batterink et al., 2010

· To have a prior record of performance

· To be repeat or experienced, with international marketing and sales experience

· To evidence that she worked well

Schwarzkopf et al., 2010

· To share experiences during assignment

Bergh et al., 2011

· Long work experience in large reputable organizations

Lehto, 2015 [55]

· To demonstrate relevant work

Maxwell and Lévesque, 2014

· To have personal record and business’s technical track record

Jack et al., 2008; Sengupta, 2011 [56]

She already had 15 years’ experience and good business track record, so she talked about that with them (venture capitalist)

Nguyen and Rose, 2009 [11]

To make clear to her potential customers that she has big business groups as clients

Lopes et al., 2009 [57]