Trustw. antecedent

Empirical findings


Business sense: To have common sense and wisdom about how a business works [4] [43] [44] (9 articles)

To follow professional principles

Altinay et al., 2014 [45]

· To invest in professionalism

· To work hard as a real professional

To demonstrate professionalism

Altinay et al., 2014

· No “waffling” when (she) taking to customer

· To make customers confident she knows the business

To focus on quality consistency

Altinay et al., 2014

· To buy good-quality raw materials

· To establish good standards

To be focused on her strength

Curtis et al., 2010 [46]

· To be interested in the area, in which she believes that is good

To understand the concept of partnership and how everything hang together

Curtis et al., 2010

· The partnership’s definition was formulated by her, showing an “entrepreneurial” way of thinking and understanding of cooperation

· She had the vision to see that when I don’t have an idea about how the whole

To know very well the way they (entrepreneur team) work

Discua et al., 2013 [15]

To be well aware of what is key in business to make together

To be able and good in identifying and managing the needed resources

Howorth and Moro 2012 [47] ; Moro et al., 2014 [48]

To understand very well the market in which she operates and its changing conditions

Howorth and Moro 2012; Moro et al., 2014

To be good at selecting the required resources

Moro et al., 2014

To demonstrate capability, especially financial capability

Nguyen and Rose, 2009 [11]

· To have foreign venture capital

· To have a list of big clients were evidence of strong capability

· To have sufficient capacity to finish the contract on time

To carry out the business plan

· To display a long-term development plan for the business

Nguyen and Rose, 2009

· To collaborate on the development of a business plan

Scarbrough et al., 2013 [49]