Empirical findings


To share experience in terms of pre-established personal relationships

Jonsson, 2015

· I (venture capital) was happy that I knew her from an earlier life, something that greatly simplified the personal side of things

· I (venture capital) have known her for years (from boarding school)

Weber and Weber, 2001

· Know each other

Discua et al., 2013

· To have knowledge of and about the partner

Welter et al., 2004

To have knowledge of beforehand by pre-established networks

· There was still greater trust in those networks established prior to entering the incubator

McAdam and Marlow, 2007 [85]

· Community embeddedness also creates substantial trust “…”. She had been a private entrepreneur before venturing into social entrepreneurship

Curtis et al., 2010

To live specific situation together in terms of prior dealings and experiences

· Information from past dealings

Sørheim, 2005 [89]

· Mutual experiences gained in dealing with each other

Welter et al., 2008

· Experience of working together (with venture capital)

Schwarzkopf et al., 2010

· To work with someone for a long term

Discua et al., 2013

· The investor had already previously invested in a fund, in which she was involved

· The investor had a professional relationship with her

Freiburg and Grichnik, 2012 [87]