· To be proactive through seeking information about inter-organizational and intra-organizational networks of weak ties (e.g., e-mailing colleagues or external contacts to see whether they see potential in an idea or partner)

Scarbrough et al., 2013

· To develop a structural dimension patterns of social interaction that allow her to use personal contacts to her advantage

Cruickshank and Rolland, 2006

To rely on informal networks (e.g., friends)

Nguyen and Rose, 2009

· To enforce the contracts with her partners

· To demonstrate your reputation to this partner

· To learn about her partners

To use online networks

Sigfusson and Harris, 2012

· She met him (partner) at the trade show and they exchanged emails. They connected on LinkedIn and after 3 years of silence he contacted her and they realized they could do business together. They realized after being connected on LinkedIn for some time but never met, that they both had same contacts in New York, hooked up and did a project with these guys”

To develop different practices based on ICT in order to communicate and interact with partner, such as telephone, e-mail, digital document sharing, video conferencing or workshops

Batterink et al., 2010