Trustworth. antecedent

Empirical findings


Informal meeting: A planned occasion when people meet in order to have a good time together and better get to know each other in an informal environment (8 articles)

To involve informal social contact get-together with them (partners) on some holiday occasions

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To have fun together and involve personal matters

Bergh et al., 2011

To carry out informal talks

Bowey and Easton, 2007; Bergh et al., 2011

To define the purchase order in a nonworking environment

Presutti et al., 2011

To set up informal social activities

Bowey and Easton, 2007; Gordon and Jack, 2010; Bergh et al., 2011

To create informal relationships

Presutti et al., 2011

To put into informal procedures in the transaction with the customer

Presutti et al., 2011

To realize social relationship

Cruickshank and Rolland, 2006

To engage in informal social activity with the investor (e.g., playing golf, going to a restaurant)

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To initiate close and informal relations

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Networking: Activities of sharing information and services among entrepreneur and actors around her (7 articles)

To carry out meetings and social events

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· To realize partners physically meet

To do communication networking

Cruickshank and Rolland, 2006

To organize events where people meet from previous activities

Van Gelderen 2010

Network: To interact with actors to exchange information, have a good relationship and develop professional or social contact (9 articles)

To establish personal contacts

Lopes et al., 2009; Sengupta, 2011

· To carry out personal networks

Welter et al., 2004

· She had this sort of conversation with a few people, and eventually she made contact with a woman through a contact she knew through a charity She’s a chair of

Curtis et al., 2010