To deliver on promises

Kelly and Hay, 2003; Bowey and Easton, 2007

· To involve in a good undertaking

Curtis et al., 2010

Reliability (To follow up on any appointment and commitment made and to show adequate judgment to act in encountered situation)

· To develop actions

More actions and less chatting

Curtis et al., 2010

· To establish trustful and authentic relationships

Lopes et al., 2009

· To create a common investment (degree of commitment)

Presutti et al., 2011

· To do her best to avoid any default

Howorth and Moro, 2012

Discreetness: To avoid to chat and keep confidence regarding the secrets that each actor tells her [4] [44] (3 articles)

To maintain confidentiality

· To have closure of the social structure (e.g. confidentiality)

Gordon and Jack, 2010

· To follow confidentiality rule

Bergh et al., 2011

To keep secrets

Jack et al., 2008

Fairness: To treat people equal and strong sense of justice [4] [44] (6 articles)

To follow fair trade practices

Altinay et al., 2014

To share incentive of equity participation

Schwarzkopf et al., 2010

To treat people fairly and justly

De Clercq and Sapienza, 2006

To know that their (entrepreneur team’s member) decision will be based on fair

Discua et al., 2013

To be fair about what she does herself

Batterink et al., 2010; Bergh et al., 2011

Honesty: To be sincere and truthfulness [4] [44] (8 articles)

To be honest:

De Clercq and Sapienza, 2006; Jack et al., 2008; Batterink et al., 2010; Sigfusson and Harris, 2012; Discua et al., 2013

· in his business relationship

· in negotiations with commercial partners

Howorth and Moro, 2012

To report financial data without manipulation

Howorth and Moro, 2012

To know that her decision will be based on truth

De Clercq and Sapienza, 2006; Discua et al., 2013

To be legal

Discua et al., 2013

To show credibility

Jones and Rowley, 2011

· To display credibility through a formal system and quantified data

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Moral character: The intrinsic moral norms a trustee guards her actions with [4] [44] (6 articles)

To follow ethical principles

Howorth and Moro, 2006

· Should not cheat (on customer)

Altinay et al., 2014

To highlight the importance of community involvement, such as charity work, schools, local politics …

· To be a member of the local volunteering fire brigade or volunteering emergency service

· To be involved and/or supportive of church activity, being a member of the city council, etc.

Howorth and Moro, 2006