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· To share values

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To have similar attitude to work

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· To possess geographic tiles (tiles related to natural or man-made features that can shape identities including locale, region, or country)

To share nationality

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To have localization and community embeddedness

To share be minority in a foreign country, the distinctiveness of her country of origin from the host country acted as a point of co-identification

To be from a similar region or country with similar traditions and history allowed stronger emotional ties in business transactions

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· To pursue common objectives, goals and interests

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· To hold the same expectations

If you (actor) get to the point where you and she have a shared vision about how the future could roll out, then you’ve got a couple of options …

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Value congruence (the compatibility of an actor’s beliefs and values with the entrepreneur’s cultural values)

· To share cognitive attributes, being it an individual’s system of meaning, attitudes, beliefs and identity

Common attitudes

Common beliefs

Common knowledge

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Common value

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· To get congruence of values between actors and her

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· To inform about cognitive aspects (e.g. values)

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· To share norm

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· To meet principle compatibility

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· To show homophily through similar characteristics

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To display personal affinity

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To have common backgrounds

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To have social similarities

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To show good gut feeling a positive first impression-emotional connectivity

There are people (she) to whom you (venture capital) can connect; there’s common ground

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· To display homophily through similar experience