N (%)


Interpreting community leader

All of them (physical outfit, capital, knowledge/skills, properties, public speaker)

85 (98.8)

Why need big and strong leader

Powerful man to control

2 (2.3)

Keeping community in order

80 (93.0)

All of them (for community safety, protection against enemies, powerful man to control, keeping community in order)

3 (3.5)


Why rich people are always fat in PNG

Showing wealth through body outfit

45 (52.3)

Fatness as a sign of richness

39 (45.3)

How rich person can be told

Properties owned

2 (2.3)

All of them (by looking at their body, type of cloth worn, capital power, properties owned)

83 (96.5)

Gaining respect

Why people want to become fat

Want to be respected

47 (54.7)

Want beautiful body

38 (44.2)

Treatment of skinny people in PNG

All of them (less respected, discriminated, powerless, isolated, missing out on community events)

82 (95.3)

None of them

4 (4.7)

Zero and one scored answers were deleted.