Activity Steps

Activity Key Points


Event import

◎Direct import

First, review the composition of numbers 3 and 4 to realize the transfer of children’s experience; secondly, put forward the main content of today’s activity, encourage children to guess the division and combination of number 5 and make their own exploration statistics.

◎Design intent

This link is mainly to realize the connection and transition of children’s original mathematics experience and activity experience, and prepare for the activity through recounting, guessing and other links.

★Teachers encourage guessing and provide relevant materials to help children record the guessing process.

Activity development

◎Inquiry activities-separation, separation and combination (reflecting the separation and combination of 5)

First, the teacher asks questions and collects the children’s guess results: children, how can the number 5 be split and combined, and show the teacher your thoughts; second, go back to the 5 with the children to clarify and consolidate the three numbers Divide and combine experience.

Teacher: It turns out that when the digital baby gets bigger and bigger, it can have more combinations of division methods. In the process of splitting and combining, the number as a whole is smaller than the digital baby, but the situation of splitting and combining may be large or small, sometimes Will be very close to it again. When we wrote down the division and integration, the kids, what did you find?

◎AR game-divide, divide, combine

First of all, teachers guide: children, more and more friends come to our birthday party, come and prepare food for the guests and children! How to put so much food on two plates, and how many ways to distribute it? Secondly, teachers demonstrate movements to help children master the essentials of movements.

Teacher: It turns out that a quantity of food can have different distribution methods. A number can be composed of different numbers. The total number of points, points, and points is still the same, which is amazing.

★Teachers make full use of various materials to make the explanation process gamified and life-like. For example, if you want to buy 5 apples, you already have three apples, how many apples can you still get?

★The teacher demonstrates to help children master the basic movement essentials: Raise the left or right hand to separate objects, move left and right and then jump to choose the correct option.