FinTech industries

They are firms that use new technology and innovation to race in the marketplace. Fintech companies include foreign currency, borrowing money, international money transfer, multifactor authentification, payment security solutions for mobile applications, e-commerce, and financial support.

Big Data and Data Analytics

It is defined as a great volume of analytic data that uses quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze that data. Data analytics requires processes such as extracting, classifying and analyzing data to reveal hidden patterns, undiscovered correlations, market trends, customer preferences, and other valuable information.

Bitcoin and blockchain

It is prized as the original decentralized digital currency. It enables online payments without the presence of financial representatives such as banks.

Cloud Computing

It is the method of managing a network of distant servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data. It gives existing IT services without the necessity for dedicated computer desktops, software, infrastructure costs, and local area networks.

Mobile Phone Technology

Nowadays, mobile phones are no longer used only for communications but primarily in the technology of day-to-day activities like paying bills, invoicing clients, and obtaining exchange rates.

AI and Drone Technologies

Robots and bot-technologies are now operating functions as calculations and data analysis whereas drones are being used to intensify records in dangerous areas in industries and agriculture.

New Software

They are advanced applications and software that simplify assignments and improve productivity such as the conversion of various data from different software sources.

Social Media

Many social media platforms have arisen lately to improve communication, share, trade, and exchange of information or/and goods.