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Innovation strategy

High-tech technological innovation strategy

Innovation strategy of cultural industry

Service industry innovation strategy

Innovation strategy of traditional industrial manufacturing industry

Innovation platform

1. Industry-university-research cooperation platform

2. School enterprise joint laboratory (FabLab laboratory, etc.)

1. To develop the industry- university-research cooperative innovation system

2. To set up a special creative industry committee

1. Industrial circle and universities are established cooperative research center

2. OTC Stock Exchange Market is provided for small and medium-sized technological enterprises

1. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, various trade associations, economic promotion associations and liaison agencies stationed abroad, etc.

2. Technology Development Center is facing to small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Innovation resource

The agglomeration of scientific and educational resources and human resources; adequate investment in venture capital; the Government’s deliberate support; perfect innovation environment; rich innovative practical experience; perfect infrastructure

The remarkable regional advantage; creative cultural resources; cultural innovation talent gathering; strong cultural heritage; international communication and influence

Adequate credit and financial capital; the remarkable regional advantage; rapid growth of financial industry; international exchanges; innovative talent agglomeration

The remarkable regional advantage; the perfect infrastructure of the old industrial base; rapid growth of financial industry; strong cultural heritage; international communication and influence

Innovation policy

1. A set of perfect intellectual property legal protection system is set up

2. The government procurement provides large order support

3. Providing financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises’ innovation

4. Convenient conditions of financial and approval for high-tech industries

1. The work is promoted to national policy level, and a strategic plan for the development of cadres is issued one after another

2. Perfect intellectual property protection system

1. Enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and strong innovation ability is implemented preferential fiscal policy

2. Joint school and enterprise project is provided financial subsidies;

3. The government offers generous rewards to individuals who make outstanding contributions to innovative activities

1. fiscal subsidies

2. Enterprise and project support with high technology content are given in the areas of government procurement, import trade, depreciation policy, and government credit, etc.

3. Technological Innovation and structural upgrading of traditional Industries are supported

4. The EU provides some funds to guide innovation and build an innovation park

Innovative industry

Innovative industrial clusters and high-tech industries (nanometers, communications, etc.)

The development of cultural and creative industries and develop a cooperative innovation system between schools, research and enterprises are promoted

To encourage innovative activities with independent innovation capability. Vigorously develop new and high technology, as well as the service industry

A modern industrial system with the core technological progress has been formed.

Innovation environment

1. Innovative culture is deeply rooted in people’s hearts

2. Openness and inclusiveness, cultural exchange

3. Good policy support

1. To create innovative cultural atmosphere and implant innovation into citizen’s life

2. To actively carry out various kinds of civil international exchange activities and learn to absorb the advanced cultural idea outside the outside world

1. Attach importance to communication research;

2. Good policy support

3. Adequate credit capital

1. Attach great importance to the development of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises

2. Characteristic park construction

3. Good policy support