Exhibition evaluation indexes

Index categories

Evaluation indexes

Exhibition brand and image

Exhibition’s brand awareness

Organizer’s reputation

Exhibition’s government background

Professionalism of exhibition subject

Numbers of visitors

Attraction of host place

Participation of well-known enterprises

Internationalization level

Exhibition service

Facilities conditions of exhibition hall

Convenient location of exhibition hall

Supporting service (inquiry, network communication, guide board, catering, hygiene, registration, security, lounge, etc.)

Personnel service (consultation, activity assistance)

Exhibition area

Exhibition agency service (construction, transport, tourism)

Relevant forum activities during exhibition

Access to exhibition information (exhibitors’ manual, Internet, etc.)

Host time of exhibition

Exhibition cost

Rental cost of exhibition area

Design cost of exhibition area

Construction and demolition costs of exhibition area

Logistics and transport cost

Personnel cost

Product planning investment

Marketing cost

Non-monetary cost (labor, time)

Exhibition revenue

Total turnover during the exhibition

Improvement of enterprise’s awareness

Display of enterprise’s good image

New market development and market share increase

Numbers of valid information obtained from competitors

Obtainment of the latest industry’s development trend

Numbers of customer information collected

Products promotion

Mining of interested products and technologies

Motivation and training of employees