Index factors

Lu Shizhi (2011)

exhibition quality and brand; host city; conditions of exhibition area; relationship with exhibitor; exhibition service; exhibition cost.

Wang Ya (2018)

conditions of exhibition halls; supporting service; management service; trade atmosphere.

Xu Yakun (2012)

past experience; exhibition’s influence; external environment; exhibitor’s

condition; exhibition’s service; visitors’ influence; planning and organization; exhibition cost.

Wang Hanxi (2012)

economic benefit effect; display effect and relationship cultivation effect, existing business and brand promotion effect, new business development effect and internal organization efficiency, public promotion effect and industry information acquisition effect.

Lei Chun (2018)

exhibition service indexes; exhibition scale indexes.

Ling Li & Wang Xiaomin (2016)

core interest; basic service; brand and image; core service.

Wang Xiaomin (2017)

physical environment; professional service; core interest.

Yang Fangping & Yu Mingyang (2010)

recognition and influence of the exhibition; exhibition products; exhibition supporting service.

Kim & Lee (2010)

consumer service; hardware facilities; instructions and amenities; exhibition items; relevance; security; public relations; exhibition cost.

James M. Carman (1968)

exhibition attractiveness; visitors’ purchasing power; potential customer groups and the traffic of exhibition location; space cost; exhibition construction cost; design cost; logistics transportation cost; labor cost.

Cavanaugh (1976)

numbers of visitors; visiting cost; transaction intention; transaction intention cost.