Possible observed phenomena

Problem showed by phenomenon

Verification condition for QIMT


Not only can observe the movement track of electron, and observed diffraction phenomenon (and the interference fringes), At the same time, can be able to observe which slit is passed by an incident electron (an electron can’t pass through two slits at the same time).

The measurement action does not lead to the coupling between the measured electron and the instrument, and does not destroy the original motion state of the measured electron. The influence (interference) of the instrument on the measured electron can be ignored (the ability to resist interference of quantum superposition states is not zero). In short, such measurements did not lead to the collapse of the wave packet and the quantum decoherence.

No interference measurement can be realized. Namely, there is the observation of non-distortion (there is quantum inverse measurement). Both the process and results that the instrument affects the particle are asymmetry with the one of the particle is influence on apparatus.

The observation result that an electron can’t pass through two slits at the same time show that the diffraction to have interference fringes is caused by the accompanying light. Both the superposition principle and wave-particle duality are not universally applicable for matter particles.


The movement track of the electron can be observed, but any diffraction phenomenon cannot be observed.

Using a cloud chamber to measure a moving electron, destroyed the original state of motion of the electron, and led to the collapse of the wave packet and quantum decoherence.

The effect of cloud chamber on the measured electron is not zero. The measurement by using the cloud chamber cannot be used to validate QIMT.


The diffraction phenomenon can be observed, but any movement track of the electron cannot be observed.

This does not accord with the function of the chamber. If this is the case, then the electrons are really turned into the things of superposition state of non-wave and non-particle.

The experiment using cloud chamber to capture charged particles is not in line with the quantum inverse measurement conditions.