When I buy products, I try to consider how my use of them will affect the environment and other consumers.

Each consumer’s behavior can have a positive effect on society by purchasing products sold by socially responsible companies.

I can protect the environment by buying products that are friendly to the environment.

Since one person cannot have any effect upon any natural resource problem, it does not make any difference of what I do.

When humans interfere with nature, it often produces disastrous consequences.

Mankind is severely abusing the environment.

The balance of nature is very delicate and easily upset.

To maintain a healthy economy, we will have to develop a steady-state economy where industrial growth is controlled.

Agricultural films and plastic wrap both are white pollutants.

Coal is a renewable resource.

Because fertilizer can promote the production of crops, the more fertilizer the better.

Greenhouse gases are mainly sulfur dioxide.

Commercial advertising should be forced to mention the ecological disadvantages of products.