The well-known brands are best for me.

Upscale specialty and department stores offer me the best products.

I prefer to buy foreign brands than local brands.

As long as the brand is famous, the product does not have to be the best to satisfy me.

I prefer to buy the best-selling products.

I keep up myself with the newest fashion trend.

I always own the newest products.

I do not care what is selling in the market, I remain my personal style. (please also select “agreed” if you are the fashion follower)

I would feel ashamed if I do not have something that everyone else has.

I buy what my close friends buy.

If I know everyone has a particular product then I must have it as well.

Even though I may not like it but if other people tell me I should have this product, I will still buy it.

I buy the products that my favorite movie stars and pop singers are using.

I buy the products that everyone talks about.

I buy the products I usually see on the media.

I do not believe what is shown on advertisement.

Better brand means better quality.

Higher price means better quality.

Quality is the only concern while I am choosing a product.

If quality is same, I would prefer to choose the cheaper brand.