Earlier in the semester

Later in the semester

students’ personal experience of the course

Methods that students’ find helpful


She saw science as an objective entity with straight forward methodology.

She explained that scientists are motivated by social demands. They are influenced by society.

The course challenged her to think things she has never thought before.

RW papers allowed her to analyses how science works. By analyzing the works of different authors, she got involved with material of the course.


He saw science as a general wondering and trying to look for answers about everything around us.

Discovered many factors, like historical and social factors that affect the science process.

She explained in this course it wasn’t really about memorizing, it was more like creating. It really helped her to understand see how scientists made their discoveries.

Class discussions, Galileo Game helped her a lot in order to understand how science works.


Saw science as the laws of nature and trying to understand how the world works.

Being aware of social factors and embodiment of historically influences in science.

He thought the course was beneficial for him Because students shouldn’t spend all their time learning theorems or learning laws. He thought that philosophy in general is very important to every student.

Galileo Game helped him rewriting and researching the subject matter all the time and make him prepared for the class.


She explained science is only about hypothesis and experimenting.

She was aware of the fact that expectations of the culture determine what to study.

Despite other courses, this course wasn’t about memorization. It was about making links, researching and understanding.

RW papers helped her to be prepared in advanced for the class and helped her to be highly engaged.


Saw theory evolving through observation.

Understood the biases in science progress journey.

Learning about history of science was very useful to understand how science works and how theories evolve.

RW and GG were very useful since they helped her to interact better.