1. Initially, comment briefly on the role that disability has in your life:

2. Which are the barriers imposed by the disability?

3. Faced with a new content, which ways do you use in order to assimilate such content?

4. How do you overcome a learning disability?

5. Do you think that disability prevents you from learning?

6. Which one of the two ways do you consider the most appropriate to learn a new content?

a) The reading and interpretation of a text is enough.

b) The experience, the close relationship with the object of study is very important.

7. How does the imagination help you to know people and objects?

8. In which situations do you consider the tactile perception something essential for your learning?

9. Do you consider feeling something important during your learning process? Comment below:

10. Does your emotional state influence on your willingness to learn? Such as?

11. Imagine a situation where you find yourself lost, without knowing which course to take. What would your reaction be? How would you solve the problem?

12. In unusual situations, do you perceive intuitive actions in your decision-making?

13. Do you prefer learning in groups or alone? Justify your answer.

14. In your opinion, the group learning helps or hinders the learning process? Why?

15. In your understanding, are the cases that require more thinking from you facilitated by the affection level set with other people or not? Comment below:

16. For you, how does it feel to be part of a group? And when the group excludes you, what's your feeling and how does such conduct affect you?

17. How do you feel other people’s reaction regarding your disability?

18. In a new situation group, do you interact easily or do you depend on a few factors? Which ones?

19. Which are the people’s attitudes you find more difficult to interact with?

20. What do you consider the most important when starting a group work?

21. Do you prefer to relate (form a team) with people who have the same disability as you, or would you rather non-disabled people? Why?