Reza et al. 2013

15 December 2009 to 15 March 2010


Mominpur, Haowlee and Jibonnagar unions under three Upazilla of district Chuadanga.

All ages and sexes

230 (113 cases and 117 controls)

Interviewed by experienced clinicians using The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis I Disorders (SCID-I)

Risk factors for suicidal attempts were analysed. Most significant risk factors for suicidal attempts were found as “conflict within the family with a OR of 6.9 and “uncertainty about future” with a OR of 7.2.

ICDDRB, Health and Science Bulletin (2003).


Rural and semi-urban

Abhoynagar and Keshobpur rural and semi-urban sub districts of Jessore district in southwest Bangladesh

All ages and sexes

3237 deaths

Verbal Autopsy

Mortality from suicide occurred at a rate of 39.6 per 100,000 population per year from 1983-2002. Among young people 10 - 19 years old, suicide rate was 42 per 100,000 population and 89% of them are female.

Jordans et al. 2014

Electronic database search for scoping review from 1998-2012

All peer-reviewed publications and grey literature.

Six countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh)

All ages and sexes

Various populations used in different studies.

different methods

The non-pooled mean rate of suicide in Bangladesh is 58.3 (SD = 63.22). Bangladesh reported inverse (unlike other countries) male to female ratios, i.e. more female suicide deaths than male (0.43:1 to 0.83:1).