(1) a. wildlife television documentaries

b. television documentaries about wildlife

(2) a. chemical life-cycles

b. life-cycles for chemistry

(3) a. physiography

b. physical geography

Alternations affecting genitives and possessives

(1) a. Tina’s birthday

b. the birthday of Tina

(2) a. his reflection

b. the reflection of his own features

(3) a. the Met show

b. the Met’s show

(4) a. Russia’s Foreign Ministry

b. the Russian Foreign Ministry

Synthetic/analytic superlative alternation

(1) a. smarter than everybody else

b. the smartest

Light/generic element addition/deletion

(1) a. boast

b. speak boastfully

(2) a. cheerfully

b. in a cheerful way

Specifier addition/deletion

(1) a. fog

b. wall of fog

(2) a. 5

b. 5 o’clock