・ General problem solving method

・ Structured training

・ Immediate dissemination of Lean Six Sigma culture

・ Fast financial return

・ Gate reviews sometimes cumbersomely

・ Exhausting potential

・ No sustainable change of culture

・ Coaching of first project teams by experienced consultant is recommended

・ Suitable project selection is necessary

Lean Introduction

・ Sustainable change of culture starting from shopfloor

・ Kaizen-team based

・ Beginning with 5S

・ Slow setup

・ High cost and initially lack of financial benefit

・ Quality not priority

・ Requires patience

・ Needs long consultant assistance if knowledge is not internalized fast

Lean Transformation

・ Fast conversion of production to Lean (from Push to Pull)

・ Immediate visible success

・ High risk of initial production failures

・ Big cultural shock

・ Quality issues not fixed

・ Requires strong leadership of management

・ Has to be accompanied by consultants