P1: Compliance with Government or Industry Requirements

P1:F1: Legal Requirements

P1:F2: Qualifications

P1:F3: Compliance Programs

P2: Compliance with Organizational Policies

P2:F1: Organizational Practice

P2:F2: Organizational Guidelines

P3: Attain Political Backing

P3:F1: Political Participation

P3:F2: Political Advocacy

P3:F3: Political Acceptance

P4: Regulatory Risk

P4:F1: Change Control

P4:F2: Compliance

P4:F3: Operational Licensing

P5: Governance

P5:F1: Social Norms

P5:F3: T1: Recruit/Orient New Board Members

P5:F2: Institutions

P5:F3: T2: Develop Board Training

P5:F3: Rules