S4: F2:T3: Management Leadership Development

S4:F2: T4: Meeting Organizational Requirements


T1: Data-driven and Measured Outcomes

T1.F1: Data Collection and Analysis

T1.F2: Artificial Intelligence

T2: Continuous Improvement and Delivery

T2:F1: Routine Improvement

T2:F2: Break Through Improvement

T3: Social Media Input

T3:F1: Social Networking

T3:F2: Business Intelligence

T4: Infrastructure and Operational Effectiveness

T4:F1: Physical Support Mechanisms

T4:F2: T1: Data and Outcome Measurements

T4:F2: Operational Effectiveness

T4: F2:T2: Technology Assessment


E1: Meet Financial Goals

E1:F1: Financial Target

E1:F2: Debt Reduction

E1:F3: Sufficient Revenue

E2: Financial Sustainability

E2:F1: Business Success

E2:F2: Financial Obligations, Risks and Opportunities

E3: Financial Forecasting and Planning

E3:F1: Budgeting

E3:F2: Financial Outcomes

E4: Balance Programs, Resources, and Financial Planning

E4:F1: Financial Programs

E4:F2: Balancing Human capital

E:5 Funding Assessment

E5:F1: Funding Progress

E5: F1:T1: Explore Collaboration

E5:F2: Funding Monitoring

E5: F1:T2: Identify New Opportunities

E5: F2:T3: Assess Current Practices


EN1: Environmental Safety

En1: F1: Environmental Policy

En1: F2: Safe Environment

En1:F3: Dangers

EN2: Health and Wellness

En2:F1: Health Practices

En2:F2: Control Measures

En2:F3: Good Health