Interview preambles.

The interview is a follow up of the completed consent form presented earlier and will take not more than 1 hour. This will be recorded digitally, and responses will be kept confidential. Any information provided will be used in the study without any trace to you or the organisation. You don’t have to discuss anything you don’t want to. Likewise, you can end the interview without you giving a reason. This interview is simple. I will start by asking general questions about your position, responsibility, your work experience and highest qualification. Then I will commence on the specific preventive financial control questions.

General introductory questions.

· Could you mention your position in the school?

· Could you mention your responsibilities in the school?

· How long have you worked in school?

· Could you mention your highest education level?

Financial mobilization guidelines used in the collection of revenue.

· As a board member, could you describe the criteria used to formulate the financial guidelines governing the school?

· With an example or examples, could you mention financial guidelines followed when taking investment decisions in the schools?

Financial regulations for authorization of financial spending in the school.

· Using relevant examples or examples, could you describe the standard regulations used when authorizing financial spending on proposed investments in the schools?

· How could the above standard regulations that you have used that are inefficient be improved?

Segregation of duties in collection of the revenue.

· Could you elaborate whether the administrators who authorize the spending of money the same as those spend the money?

· Could you elaborate whether the official who authorizes the spending of money is the same person who verifies how the money is spent?

Closing question.

· What is the general comment on financial controls used in the schools?

Ending Remarks

Thank you for taking part in this interview.