These services enabled me to work without sudden interruptions, preventing my income from decreasing

Because my child was taken care of by professionals, I was able to work free from anxiety

As I did not have to worry about leaving my workplace early, I could focus on my job free from anxiety

I could rely on sick child care staff by seeking professional advice

I was relieved that I was able to place my child in a care facility

I did not have to worry about causing trouble for my relatives or acquaintances

I was able to learn how to take care of sick children

My child could receive appropriate care provided by professionals

My child achieved health recovery early

They were useful to prevent my child’s disease from deteriorating (there had been no recurrence)

At the care facility, my child was able to play as usual

My child was not forced to go to the usual nursery or preschool despite being in poor health

I was able to work without suddenly being absent from work or troubling my co-workers

We did not have to use medical services during the night-time or on out-of-service days

I could focus on my work and house chores with a sense of ease

I worried that my child might contract infectious diseases from other children

I was relieved that the care facility had rooms intended only for children with infectious diseases

It was hard for me to work with my sick child left in others’ care*