Nature tourism resource

Climate tourism resources

Natural Oxygen Bar, Natural Air Conditioning

Physiographic tourism resources

Watershed of Yangtze River and Yellow River, Shangyun Stone Geopark, Fengguan Mountain, Longtou Mountain, Zhifang River Canyon, Wengou Gorge, Luosi Grand Canyon, Qili Gorge, Yindong Gorge, Wuguan Rock Climbing, Erlang Cave, Luohan Cave, Huanglong Cave, Leijia Cave, Guyu Cave

Hydrological tourism resources

Danjiang River Rafting, Yinhua River Rafting, Fish Ridge Reservoir, Sun Moon Cave Pool, Longfeng Mountain Waterfall, Yaozhuang Artificial Waterfall, Longquan Mountain Spring

Biotourism resources

Wuguan River Rare Animal Nature Reserve, Laolingou Primeval Forest


tourism resource

Agricultural tourism resources

Vineyard, Chinese Herbal Medicine Plantation

Forestry tourism resources

Walnut Garden, Chestnut Garden,Yew Planting, Airspace Afforestation and Flying Town

Special farming tourism resources

Andrias Davidianus Breeding, Second-generation Wild Boar Farms

Industrial tourism resources

Danfeng Winery, Graphene

Ruins heritage sites tourist resources

Shangyuancient road, Qinguan ancient road, Qin Chu Dividing Wall, Wuguan Ancient City, New Kai Ridge Watchtower, Qin Shihuang Tour Watched Wuguan Living Room, LiuBang Ke WuGuan Memorial Pavilion, Sihao Cemetery, Longju Old Street, Zhulinguan Ancient Theater Grand Theater Old Stage, The Descendants of Huang Tingjian Former Residence

Cultural tourism resources.

ShangYang Culture, Literary Works

Red tourism resources

Yu Ridge Red Twenty-five Military Battle Sites, the Town of Feng Ditch Hubei-Henan-Shaanxi Border Area Convention site, Yang Temple Red Army site, the former residence of Taoyuan Wang Baidong martyrs, Gongjiawan Gong Defang “All the Valiant”