Meeting Attendee Characteristics:

Meeting Chairperson. Agenda, has interest in the Organization.

Meeting Facilitator. Acts as timekeeper, makes sure everyone has a voice, keeps tone level and meeting on track.

Mr./Ms. Nevershtup. Hijack the conversation by monologuing, stealing the spotlight, changing the topic to one more favorable.

Manager Domb. Hijack with dominance, interrupt, talk loudly and down to others.

Asst. Director A. Noy. No concern for others, sidebar conversation.

Mr./Ms. Vic. Tem. Disgruntled employee, low pay, no respect.

Mr./Ms. Nonn Chalant. Feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm.

Mr./Ms. Frea’ Spiret. Knows they are in a professional meeting, but loves everyone and wants to make everyone their friend.

Mr./Ms. E’go Maineact. Believes they are the greatest person in this world, and everyone should get the experience of having them in the room.

Mr./Ms. A. Pudding. Passive Aggressive, expert at giving the silent treatment, but obvious. Glares, sulks, loud sighs, shakes head.

Vice President S. Climber. Power-hungry. Lacks confidence to be vocal. Nonverbal sycophant. Agrees with the chairperson on everything.

Mr./Ms. Rocket. Aggressive and Silent. Uses nonverbal cues to signify an aggressive nature. Dominates the space without regard for those nearby.

Mr./Ms. Deadlee. Powerless, silent, nonverbal (dead-like).

T. Dogge. Alpha and nonverbal, not necessarily arrogant, just comfortably alpha.

Mr./Ms. Betafesh. Perfectly fine with their role and just wants everyone to be happy and productive.

Director Dee Nigh. Utter disdain for anyone and everyone. Shows it in voice and action.

Mr./Ms. Toaduso. For years they have been sharing problems. They have noticed, but offer no solutions. “Solutions are other people’s job.

Mr./Ms. G. Giannt. Shows gentle power. Kind, few words, touches shoulder to calm others when possible. Feels everyone should have a voice.