1) “I think it’s important to keep the site up-to-date”.

2) “Insert a fixed link with all information in LIBRAS and audio. If there was I did not visualize”.

3) “Disclosure of CMPDI events”.

4) “Organize site downloads in a download library”.

5) “As also offer distance learning through Moocs (open and massive online course) and DL Mooc (open and massive online course taught at a distance)”.

6) “Have a talk with us that works, updated forms and no errors”.

7) “One talk with us on the page would be good for students on secretarial matters”.

8) “Update every CMPDI website periodically”.

9) “Put products from the master’s research. Being updating. Go adding the works. Separated the dissertation by years: 2013, 2014, 2015, ...”.

10) “Make the screen look brighter and have more objective information with more spacing between the links”.

11) “Information on student grades and assessments”.

12) “Make clear where is the possibility of doing download”.

13) “Be constantly updated”.

14) “Could the background color (white) change to a more intense color”?

15) “The virtual secretary should have a link only on the side flap. The others should be organized inside the page that opens. I believe that updating information and functionality is the key. The site could have a direct link with Plataforma Brasil and the possibility of sending documents, so that it is accessible to the student when it was received and the process of the same, until the final result. It would also be interesting a space for suggestions and who knows, a virtual service to get some more frequent questions. The clarity in information is the key”.

16) “Each individual is unique. For this reason, it is necessary to be aware that not every person theoretically without disability will have more facility than a disabled person; not everyone who is deaf is proficient in LIBRAS and understands written content; not every blind man uses BRAILLE; physical disability then varies even more”.

17) “Make available the events that occur in the course on the CMPDI page”.

18) “Links to other sites on diversity and inclusion”.

19) “I could fix the section and give it a revival, I feel that sometimes it's kind of erased”.

20) “Masters students should have a password to withdraw statements from events conducted by the master’s degree and completion of disciplines making the site functional and not bureaucratic or simply promotional”.