Ostensive form


Private physical ostension total or partial

The knowledge is showed to the student by an intermediate manipulation of his body, by the teacher.


This manipulation may be total (from the beginning to the end of the movement).

Direct verbal ostension

The knowledge is enunciated and/or explained by (T) PE teacher who does not masters motor knowledges or who does not want to “demonstrate”.

Particular verbal ostension

He passes through the student cognitive channel. He can have a resort to one particular verbal ostension form (knowledge evocation by generalization).

Symbolic gestural ostension

Knowledge is to be seen through teacher gestures. A meaning, a code, is set. Commonly with all students of the group-class.

Direct physical ostension total or partial (demonstration)

The teacher demonstrates the knowledge physically. This demonstration could be total or partial.

Disguised ostension, either enviremental adjusting or a questioning.

The knowledge is demonstrated by the intermediate, either by putting first environment objects or by a questioning with the student on his pertinent objects often linked to the particular verbal ostension.

No ostension

Knowledge construction is under student responsibility.