T1: Expert

T2: Novice

―Modify the didactic environment while adding new tasks related to the session objective during the 6th and 7th situation.

―Regulates “by stop” and “by follow” (Gal-Petitfaux, 2000).

―Varied didactic regulations.

―Collective, verbal and tactile, they are targeted precisely and related to the objective of the session.

―She accurates and insists on the distance, the rhythm and the breathing.

―She valorizes following pertinent traits through her body to associate the gesture to the verbal.

―Introduce initiation and apprenticeship tasks during the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd situation, which are not targeted.

―Regulates “by flash” (Gal-Petitfaux, 2000) .

―Few didactic regulations: collective or individual, they are fast and superficial.

―These individual regulations are relied on tasks of initiations and do not rely never on the fundamental tasks.

―During the 5th, the 6th and the 7th situation, he does not regulate and accepts student answers as valid (Amade-Escot, 1991) .

―This insistence and accuracy of her part in the introduction of objects of knowledge testify her professional experience in swimming.

―These regulations are not targeted which testify his non mastery in knowledge of challenges.