Correlation of trace elements


Trace elements r ≥ 0. 90

Ba-Co, Ba-Cs, Ba-Cu, Ba-Ni, Be-U, Be-Zr, Co-Nb, Co-Cu, Co-Ni, Ga-Rb, Nb-Ta, Nb-Cu, Th-U, Th-Y, Th-Pb, Th-Sb, U-Zr, U-Y, U-Pb, U-As, U-Sb, Y-Pb, Mo-As, Pb-Sb, Pb-As, Zn-Hg, As-Sb

Ba-Ce, Co-La, Co-Ce, Co-Pr, Co-Nd, Nb-La, Nb-Ce, Nb-Pr, Nb-Nd, Th-Dy, Th-Ho, Th-Er, Th-Tm, Th-Yb, Th-Lu, U-Ho, U-Er, U-Tm, U-Yb, U-Lu, Y-Tb, Y-Dy, Y-Ho, Y-Er, Y-Tm, Y-Yb, Y-Lu, Cu-La, Cu-Ce, Cu-Pr, Cu-Nd, Pb-Dy, Pb-Ho, Pb-Er, Pb-Tm, Pb-Yb, Pb-Lu, Sb-Yb, Sb-Lu,

Trace elements r = 0.70 and 0.90

Ba-Nb, Ba-Ta, Be-Th, Be-Y, Be-Mo, Be-Pb, Be-As, Be-Sb, Co-Cs, Co-Ta, Cs-Nb, Cs-Ta, Cs-Cu, Cs-Ni, Ga-Ta, Ga-Bi, Hf-Ni, Nb-Ni, Rb-Ta, Rb-Bi, Sr-Zn, Sr-Hg, Ta-Cu,Ta-Ni, Th-Zr, Th-As, Th-Mo, U-Mo, Zr-Y, Zr-Pb, Zr-As, Zr-Sb, Zr-Mo, Y-Mo, Y-As, Y-Sb, Mo-Pb, Mo-Sb, Cu-Ni

Ba-La, Ba-Pr, Ba-Nd, Ba-Sm, Be-Ho, Be-Er, Be-Tm, Be-Yb, Be-Lu, Co-Sm, Cs-La, Cs-Ce, Cs-Pr, Cs-Nd, Ta-La, Ta-Ce, Ta-Pr, Ta-Nd, Th-Gd, Th-Tb, U-Tb, U-Dy, Zr-Dy, Zr-Ho, Zr-Er, Zr-Tm, Zr-Yb, Zr-Lu, Y-Gd, Mo-Tb, Mo-Dy, Mo-Ho, Mo-Er, Mo-Tm, Mo-Yb, Mo-Lu, Cu-Sm, Pb-Gd, Pb-Tb, Ni-La, Ni-Ce, Ni-Pr, Ni-Nd, Ni-Sm, Ni-Eu, As-Dy, As-Ho, As-Er, As-Tm, As-Yb, As-Lu, Sb-Tb, Sb-Dy, Sb-Ho, Sb-Er, Sb-Tm