Politics factors

Economic factors

Social factors


1. The national and provincial government vigorously promotes the development of modern agriculture. The “twelfth five-year” period demands to speed up the development of modern agriculture, accelerate the transformation of the mode of agricultural development, and improve agricultural comprehensive production capacity, anti-risk ability and market competition ability. This provides a favorable policy protection for the industrial development;

2. The General Agricultural Reclamation Bureau set up national producing basis of safe food to keep safe grain and safe food, this pointed out the strategy for the development direction of Qixing farm. It also provides a favorable condition and policy guarantee for the farm to create a public image of “safe, healthy and trustful “food on the base national food security.

1. Chinn’s agriculture has entered into the phase of the rapid development of the capital inflows .With capital promotion, the traditional agricultural industry structure is quietly changing. Agriculture is not any longer the traditional labor-intensive, low input, low output, low added value, but a sunrise industry with great business opportunities. This is a solid capital guarantee for the Qixing farm industry development.

2. The ecological agricultural products in China is still in the initial stage, it has not form a monopoly, famous brands and enterprises, but its high value, high profits and high tech content product characteristics provide market and profit space guarantee for the farm to form its strong product competitiveness and subsequent development.

1. The ever increasing Food safety requirements promote industrial upgrading the general consumers need more safe agricultural products to ensure their physical and mental health.

At the same time also need higher reputation of the brand to save their chosen cost” and time” when buying products, the series of green ecological products by Qixing farm have huge market potential;

2. In the future, health preservation culture will become the mainstream,

green, organic and healthy agricultural products has a very broad space .Therefore, constantly promote and strengthen agricultural industry upgrading to meet people’s demand for healthy and safe agricultural products is a great opportunities for Qixing farm.

The development trend of four big industries of Qixing farm in the future will change from extensive development pattern of relying mainly on scaled expansion and increased number in the past to relying mainly on scientific and technological progress and improve the product quality and intensive development mode; from the mode of introducing, digesting and absorbing international advanced technology to give priority to the developing mode of introducing absorbing, and improving the ability of independent innovation and development; from predominantly skilled industry characteristics to characteristics of technology and modern enterprise management.