Inside strength

Outside strength



1. The farm area is surrounded by 3 great rivers, other 7 rivers going through the centre. With five jade green mountains in it, it has unique regional characteristic and rich in natural resources.

2. Owing to late Development, the ecological environment is excellent.

3. Being far from cities and industrial zone, pollution is light, thus conform to the requirements of green agricultural development.

4. Technology innovation is successfully grafted with traditional “agricultural reclamation mode”.

5. In recent years, the brand strategy has been developed effectively.

1. With rice as the pillar industry, it still keeps predominantly “farming economy” alone, so the industrial structure is relatively single and simple.

2. Presently the four major industries are in their growing stage, the organization structure is not yet well developed for it.


SO Strategy

WO Strategy

1. With two ports of Russia in the East, it is only 50 kms from Tongjiang port, keeping close trade relation with Russia and other countries.

2. An obvious new town development radiating and driving influence in Agricultural science and technology.

3. The “twelfth five-year” period is an important opportunity to speed up the development of modern agriculture; The national and provincial government vigorously promotes the development of modern agriculture.

1. To develop from innovation and creation, with high-end talents as the core, to upgrade agricultural industry from technology innovation, and graft technology innovation on traditional mode.

2. To prominent economic size advantage, improve the regional innovation system, and explore a unique and extensive demonstrating land reclamation mode of “Qixing Model”. [1]

1. To build modern farm industrial structure, promote coordinative development of four major industries.

2. To take advantage of the “effective working” strategy of the General Agricultural Reclamation Bureau for a favorable policy.


ST Strategy

WT Strategy

1. As a big agricultural province, Heilongjiang is facing an increasingly fierce regional industry competition in market.

2. Protection of capitals of agricultural products and technology and other industries not strong enough, facing increasing threats of potential competitors.

1. To establish a mighty flagship brand strength, form a comprehensive product strength, so as to establish invincible

competitive advantage.

2. To plan brand product extension, so to complete and improve the product system.

1. To set up practical marketing mode for agricultural products to strengthen market competitiveness.

2. To take a comprehensive Consideration of factors such as external market opportunities and the status of the internal resources, determine the target market, choose the corresponding compound marketing strategy.