Subject Characteristics

Age, number of deliveries, progression of current pregnancy. Multiplechoice.

Participation in maternity classes/ Sources of information about labor process

Participationin maternity classesregarding delivery, location, sources of information about process of delivery. Multiple choice.

Understanding of progression of labor

Dilation of cervix, descent of infant, rotation of fetus,time required for delivery, how water breaks when going into labor, changes in contractions. 4-level Likert scale from “Very knowledgeable” to “No knowledge”.

State of Delivery

Length of pregnancy, method of delivery, time required fordelivery, amount of blood loss during labor, infant birth weight, progress of newborn, presence of partner or other relative in delivery room. Multiple choice.

Understanding of delivery process following delivery

5-level Likert scale onthe understanding of the following items: cervical dilation, descent of infant, rotation of infant, breaking of water, and the course of labor. From “Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree”.

Delivery self-evaluation(abridged)

18 items (7 labor pain coping skills, 6 items regarding trust of medical staff, 5 items concerning labor progression) on a 5-level Likert scale from “Strongly agree” to “Strongly disagree”.

Evaluation of Delivery Animation

5-level Likert scale from “Helpful” to “Not helpful at all”on if the animationwas helpful inunderstanding of the progression of labor, helpful in communicating with doctors/midwives.

Opinions on Delivery Animation

Freeform response