Information to be gathered

Review theoretical/ conceptual literature

Publications (journal, book) presenting:

-Theory/conceptual framework of the health problem

-Theory/conceptual framework may suggest strategies to address the health problem, its indicators and determinants. The strategies may represent specific elements of the interventions.

-Theory/conceptual framework underlying the intervention

-Theory/conceptual framework identifies the elements that characterize the intervention and distinguish it from other interventions (i.e. unique features that define the intervention) and that are responsible for its effects in addressing the health problem

Review empirical literature

Publication (journals, books, conference proceedings, online slide presentations) presenting findings of quantitative, qualitative or mixed method studies that evaluate the intervention

-Conceptual part of the study report

-Theory/conceptual framework guiding the intervention and/or the study identifies specific elements of intervention

-Methodological part of the study report

-Description of the intervention delineates the core components that operationalize the specific elements, the activities performed, and the mode of delivery. Some activities and mode of delivery represent non-specific elements of the intervention

-Empirical part of the study report

-Results and discussion sections delineate aspects of the intervention and/or its implementation that were carried out with fidelity and contributed to the outcomes

Review intervention protocol/manual

Intervention protocol may be published in clinically-oriented journals or books.

Intervention manual may have to be requested/purchased from the interventionists

These sources usually provide an overview of the theory/conceptual framework underlying the intervention, explain the specific elements, and specify the activities that reflect the specific elements and the non-specific elements

Discuss with the interventionists

Interventionists include persons who:

-Originally developed the intervention

-Evaluated the intervention effects in one or more studies

-Use the intervention in the practice setting

Discussion, done formally (e.g. in mixed method study to examine the implementation and effects of the intervention) or informally, focuses on eliciting interventionists’ perspective on what constitute the specific elements responsible for the intervention’s effects, and the non-specific elements of the intervention