Main categories



Summary of findings

Perception of how competence

is being utilized

Allowing contribution


The interviewees experience a positive exchange of competence for as long as the CC does not depend on consultants frequently.

Utilization of competence


May lead to a feeling of job satisfaction in terms of high control over the job situation.

Unglamorous assignments


Performing unglamorous assignments suggests the presence of a combination of low control, low demands, and weak social support.

Indifferent attitude


Some consultants find it positive to be able to perform at a lower level of control and demand while working on a consultancy assignment.

Perceived psychosocial work


Demands on the competence


Implies that some CDs face high demands and have low control over the work situation.



Experience of low social support is positive when it allows CDs not to be attached to a negative psychosocial work environment and to stand outside conflicts, but negative when it causes mental stress and uncertainty.

Lack of planning


Working as a CD might be a stressful due to the ever-changing workplace, the expectation of operating independently without putting an extra burden on permanent staff, and the necessity of performing tasks one is not comfortable with or tasks one has not been properly introduced to.

The client companies’ involvement


The majority of the CDs argued that it is of great importance to be welcomed into a positive work environment with friendly colleagues and to experience strong social support.