Girls employ the wisdom and knowledge they have gained from experience

Girls search for information and utilize care-related skills

Girls associate blood glucose measurement values with their own physical sensations

Girls experience heightened physical sensations

Girls disclose their diabetes status selectively, to protect themselves

Girls revisit their lifestyle and diabetes care practices, with an eye to their future

Girls revisit their lifestyle after becoming newly cognizant of the fear of their situation worsening or complications

Girls start to think about potential motherhood

Girls feel a new sense of responsibility for their therapeutic behaviors as a result of living alone or employment

Girls are frustrated at diabetes’ relentless presence in their lives

Girls feel annoyed to have to suspend their daily activities to perform injections and blood glucose measurements

Girls feel explaining the disease to people is bothersome

Girls feel annoyed about hiding their injections

Girls feel relocating to the school infirmary to perform injections is bothersome

Girls feel “out of sync” with their physical sensations

Girls measure blood glucose less frequently as they get older, leading them to become disconnected from their physical sensations

Girls perform therapeutic behaviors less responsibly as they lead independent lives

Girls give precedence to fun, and forget about their disease

Girls rebel against parental interference in therapeutic behaviors

Girls prioritize fun activities, and forget about their disease

Girls become concerned about changes in their figure due to insulin regulation

Girls gain new awareness of their disease due to discrimination and comparing themselves to others

Girls experience invisible discrimination

Girls become aware of differences between their lives and those of their siblings and friends

Girls build a foundation for taking control of their physical health

Girls struggle with regulating their blood sugar during their first menstrual period, and search for solutions

Girls explore ways to regulate their blood sugar adapted to to their individual lives

Girls begin to feel they understand their own bodies

Girls learn and get used to the essential range of therapeutic behaviors

Girls feel uncertainty surrounding their own judgments

Girls give greater concern to those around them than to themselves