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Fabricated Scenario

Family eats their own dog

The family been on a trip and had tasted many exotic foods, and had been told that eating dog was a delicacy. On return from their trip, they decided that their old pet dog should be eaten rather than put down.

Severe consequence

After eating the dog, the family got sick and had to be treated for food poisoning. The children were severely traumatized that they had eaten their own pet.

No severe consequence

After eating the dog, the family went to the pet store and got a new dog. The children got over the loss of their old dog, and loved the new pet just as much

Genuine Scenario

Woman lies under oath to save her husband

A young father was in a violent assault that resulted in a man being killed. The father was defending his family, and trying to support them by stealing money from the attacker. The father was arrested, and his wife lied to protect him.

Severe consequence

The mother was later discovered to have lied on oath and charged for perjury and the father was convicted. The children are now in foster care.

No severe consequence

The mother was never charged for lying under oath, and there was little evidence to convict the father, so both are free and living with their children.