1. When I speak, I always like to repeat the same words or sentences a few times

2. I feel that I can’t explain things clearly, especially when it comes to me

3. When riding, it sometimes produces an impulse to hit someone or something

4. The idea of sex often appears in the mind

5. I don’t want to throw away the old things

6. I returned many times to check doors, windows, drawers and so on to make sure they were really closed

7. Sometimes I start counting objects for no reason at all. Like the trees, the poles, the people passing me or the steps or anything

8. When I pack up at night, they must be put in place

9. I think what others have used or touched is harmful to myself

10. Often there’s a indelicacy, filthy idea, and difficult to get rid of

11. Very concerned about the cleanliness and neatness of the workbook

12. Repeatedly check the turned off gas switch, faucet and light switch

13. There is a lot of doubt about what I do

14. The place where someone else is sitting is not clean and needs to be cleaned or wiped before sitting

15. The mind is often filled with fantasies of the opposite sex

16. Follow a strict routine when doing everyday things

17. More concerned about bacteria and diseases than ordinary people

18. In some cases, the fear of losing self-control makes an embarrassing thing

19. Even though I have done very carefully, I often feel that I am not good enough.

20. Everything has a fixed position

21. My room is stacked with a lot of empty, old, or actually not needed, because I think they may be used some day in the future

22. I feel that I can’t help repeating certain Numbers.

23. There will be unwarranted impulses and ideas that want to hurt myself, others, or animals