Completely disagree




Completely agree

1. I set a higher goal than most people

2. I expect to have a better performance than most people in my daily work

3. I want to be competent in everything I do.

4. I do everything and pursue perfection everywhere

5. I try to be a well-organized person and work is very organized

6. I think things should be taken back to the original place

7. I hope that things can be carried out and developed according to the original plan

8. I’m a tidy man

9. If I fail at work or in school, it shows that I am no longer good

10. If I can’t do well, I may lose respect.

11. I don’t think it’s a big deal to make a mistake occasionally

12. If I make mistakes when doing things or studying, I will feel totally defeated

13. I care very much about what other people say to me

14. I can’t stand the neglect of others

15. I care about getting someone else’s affirmation

16. I often hesitate about small things

17. It takes me a long time to do something good enough

18. Doing one thing will make a timely reflection on the individual parts of the process

19. Think twice about the decision to decide whether it is right or wrong

20. Most people say it’s good, but I still feel that I need to improve

21. Often feel guilty about my own mistakes or omissions

22. For a long time, I have been thinking about what I regret and often reproach myself

23. My parents and friends want me to get ahead

24. Only do something very well can not let my parents down

25. My parents want me to be the best in everything