Completely disagree




Completely agree

1. I think my parents interfering me a lot

2. Most of my affairs are in the control of my parents

3. My parents are very strict with me

4. I am often punished by my parents

5. My parents don’t respect my privacy

6. I can feel my parents’ love for me

7. I think there is a warm, considerate and affectionate feeling with my parents

8. I can get my parents’ understanding and comfort when I am in trouble

9. When I feel sad, I can get comfort from my parents

10. I find it hard to get close to my parents

11. Parents give me a lot of trust in many things

12. My parents allowed me to make some decisions independently

13. For my education, parents give priority to encouragement

14. I think my parents are very respectful of my point of view

15. My parents’ punishment for me is fair and appropriate

16. My parents didn’t allow me to do things that other children could do because they were afraid that I would have an accident.

17. In general, my parents obey me without question

18. In the eyes of my parents, I have no mistake

19. Parents always thought their unhappiness was caused by me

20. My parents often say to me like this, “is this the reward that we get for taking care of you all day?”

21. My parents have a lot of dissatisfaction with me

22. My parents often criticize me in front of others and make me embarrassed

23. My parents seem to be indifferent to me

24. My parents don’t care much about me

25. My relationship with my parents is quite estranged