Teacher enrollment

The coach initiates a one-on-one interview prior to engaging in professional learning activities. The interview helps build common ground, develop interests and concerns, and establish a rapport between teacher and coach.


Teacher and coach collaboratively develop a practical plan for the implementation of a new teaching practice, and build a rubric to help guide observation of the lesson’s delivery.


The coach delivers the planned lesson in the teacher’s classroom, while the teacher observes and records notes on the observation guide.

Modeling the lessons

Immediately following the coach’s model lesson, the teacher facilitates a collaborative and constructive conversation.

Observing the lesson

The pair then reverses roles, with the teacher delivering the planned lesson and incorporating elements learned during the previous three steps. During the lesson, the coach records observations on the rubric.

Collaborative data exploration

Immediately following the teacher’s lesson, teacher and coach discuss the lesson, incorporating data from the coach’s observation rubric.

Continued support

The coach provides continuous support in the development of lessons and pedagogical techniques, until both parties feel recognize mastery of the practice.