Type of fluorite deposit

Lithological association

Rare earth element content of fluorite

Fluorite deposit associated with felsic igneous rocks

Felsic igneous rocks (granitoids and pegmatite)

some time also hosted by surrounding metamorphic country rocks.

Enriched in intermediate to HREEs than LREEs. Yttrium is highly enriched and show strong positive anomaly. These fluorite show a typical relatively flat trend with a prominent negative Eu anomaly.

Fluorite deposit associated with carbonatite

Carbonatite and alkali igneous rocks

Enriched in LREE concentration than the HREE with lack of negative Eu anomaly. The slight enrichment of the intermediate REEs over LREE and HREE give a convex up pattern for the chondrite normalized REE of the fluorite of this type. Y show positive anomaly.

Fluorite deposit associated with carbonate sedimentary rocks

Carbonate and other sedimentary rocks

Overall very low but varying REE concentration. Low to moderate negative Ce and Yb anomaly.