Motors tests


Raising rat by the tail


1 Flexion of forelimb

1 Flexion of hindlimb

1 Head moved >10˚ to vertical axis within 30s

Placing rat on the floor (normal = 0; maximum = 3)


0 Normal walk

1 Inability to walk straight

2 Circling toward the paretic side

3 Fall down to the paretic side

Sensory tests


1 Placing test (visual and tactile test)

2 Proprioceptive test (deep sensation, pushing the paw against the table edge to stimulate limb muscles)

Beam balance test (normal = 0; maximum = 6)


0 Balances with steady posture

1 Grasps side of beam

2 Hugs the beam and one limb falls down from the beam

3 Hugs the beam and two limbs fall down from the beam, or spins on beam (>60s)

4 Attempts to balance on the beam but falls off (>40s)

5 Attempts to balance on the beam but falls off (>20s)

6 Falls off: No attempt to balance or hang on to the beam (<20s)

Reflexes absent and abnormal movements


1 Pinna reflex (head shake when touching the auditory meatus)

1 Corneal reflex (eye blink when lightly touching the cornea with cotton)

1 Startle reflex (motor response to a brief noise from snapping a clipboard paper)

1 Seizures, myoclonus, myodystony

Maximum points