Ia Strict Nature Reserve

Ib Wilderness Area

Area strictly set aside to protect biodiversity and geological/ geomorphological features; human visitation, use and impacts are strictly prohibited.

Large unmodified or slightly modified areas: protected and managed to preserve their natural condition.

II National Park

Large natural or near natural areas that protect large-scale ecological processes and ecosystems; managed to provide a foundation for environmentally and culturally compatible spiritual, scientific, educational, recreational and visitor opportunities.

III Natural Monument

Areas set aside to protect a specific natural monument. They are generally quite small and often with high visitor value.

IV Habitat/Species

Aimed at protecting a particular species or habitats and management reflects this priority. Many need regular and active interventions.

V Protected Landscape/seascape

Areas where people-nature interaction over time, has produced an area of distinct character with significant ecological, biological, cultural and scenic value.

VI Managed Resource

Aims to conserve ecosystems and habitats, together with associated cultural values and traditional natural resource management systems; It is generally large, mostly in the natural condition with a proportion under sustainable natural resource management.