Top criteria


Personnel resources (B1)

Allocation, assignment, and prioritization of resources (C11)

Planning and time Management (C12)

Effective communication (C13)

Consideration of team experience (C14)

Obtaining and maintaining situational awareness (C15)

Assertiveness and leadership (C16)

Equipment resources (B2)

Main propulsion device (C21)

Auxiliary device (C22)

Emergency equipment (C23)

Deck machinery (C24)

Anti-pollution equipment (C25)

Piping system (C26)

Consumable resources (B3)

Marine oil supplies (C31)

Marine freshwater resources (C32)

Spare parts material supply (C33)

Labor insurance tool rationing (C34)

Information resources (B4)

International and domestic laws (C41)

Company, ship and departmental regulations (C42)

Engine-room organization and procedures (C43)

Environmental resources (B5)

Engine-room environment (C51)

Sailing environment (C52)

Natural meteorological environment (C53)