*1) The victim of the violence bears some of the blame for the situation.

*2) If you love someone, you should forgive them for being violent to you.

3) Using cruel words and yelling loudly at someone are forms of violence.

4) Throwing things or deliberately making loud noises in order to threaten someone is a form of violence.

5) Forcing/imposing your own thoughts on others is a form of violence.

*6) If a loved one says, “Let’s always be alone together and not hang out with other people,” you should comply.

*7) The man should always lead the woman.

*8) I don’t want the person I love to hate me, so it’s best if I go along with their opinions.

*9) If you love someone, it’s only natural to prioritize them, no matter what happens.

10) If someone does something to hurt me, it’s okay for me to say “No,” even to a superior or loved one.