In-depth interview protocol

1) To investigate the community gatekeepers understanding of their role and that of the community towards the education of girls.

2) To understand the challenges that affect girls’ education in the two urban informal settlements where an education intervention is being implemented.

1) What is your role as a village elder in this community?

2) What is your general understanding of children’s education in this community?

3) In your opinion, what do you think is your role as [village elder; chief] in keeping girls in school?

a) What are you doing now and what do you hope to do differently?

4) In your opinion, what is the role of this community in keeping the girls in school?

a) In your opinion, what do you expect the community to do differently in order to improve education of girls in this community?

5) What are some of the challenges that affect girls in this community from attending and completing school?

a) How have you as a community tackled some of these challenges?

6) In what ways have girls in this community benefitted from other interventions, if any?

7) In the last 12 months, what are some of the changes that were noticed on girls’ education in this community?