Focus group discussion guide

1) To investigate parental understanding of their role and that of the community towards the education of their daughters.

2) To understand the challenges that affect girls’ education in the two urban informal settlements where an education intervention is being implemented.

1) Give an account of your daughter(s) school attendance to date.

2) What in your view has encouraged you to keep your daughter in school?

a) What issues have you been found to be a challenge if any?

b) How have you attempted to solve the challenges?

3) In your opinion, what do you think is the role of this community in keeping the girls in school?

a) In your opinion what do you expect the community to do differently in order to improve education for your daughters’ in this community?

4) What has been your role in your daughters’ schooling so far

a) In what other ways do you think you can be of help to your daughter’s schooling?

5) In what ways has your daughter benefitted from other interventions in this community, if any?

6) What is your expectation of your daughter being that she is involved in this program?

7) What changes have you been able to observe in the past one year?