Individual Items

Alpha Values

Positive feelings

Q1: How do you rate your life at present?


Q2: Do you always look on the bright side of things?

Q3: Do you feel happy as younger?

Negative feelings I

Q4: Do you feel fearful or anxious?


Q5: Do you feel lonely and isolated?

Q6: Do you feel useless as age?

Negative feelings II

Q7: Have you felt sad, blue, or depressed for two weeks or more in last 12 months?


Q8: Have you lost interest in most things like hobbies, work, or similar activities?

Intergenerational relations

Q9: To whom do you usually talk frequently in daily life?


Q10: The 1st person you ask for help when you have difficulties/problems?

Q11: 1st person to whom you talk when you need to share your thoughts?

Q12: Who took care of you when you are sick?